The course code for Family Medicine is FAM, with a total credit load of 24 Units.


FAM 511: Introduction to Family Medicine

1. Definition, history, and scope of Family Medicine
2. Principles and Tenets of Family Medicine
3. Domains of Family Medicine
4. Attributes of Family Physicians.
5. The family as a Unit of Care
6. Levels of family-oriented care
7. Types and definition of family


FAM 512:  Nigerian HealthCare System

Lecture Topics
1. Origin, development and organization of healthcare System in Nigeria
2. Primary healthcare system: The challenges and outcome
3. Role of Family Physicians in Primary Medical care
4. Economy of ill-health
5. National Health Insurance scheme
6. Role of Family Physicians in NHIS

FAM 513:  Principles and Practice of Family Care

Lecture Topics
1. Genogram
2. APGAR and Family Circle
4. Family conference
5. Family Models
6. Family in Health and Disease
7. Family Dynamics
8. Overview of Family Medicine Tools
9. Dysfunctional Family
10. Home visits.
11. Intimate Partner Violence
12. Child Abuse
13. Elder Abuse
14.Family Social support
15. Other Social support


FAM 521:  Patient Care Management in Family Medicine


1. The Management of the undifferentiated patient
2. Models of Medical care:
3. The Consultation: Patient Centered Clinical Method
4. Communication skills and application in family practice
5.Health education and counselling in family practice
6. Clinical Reasoning and Diagnosis in Family Practice
7. Therapeutic decision process in Family Practice
8. Principles of ambulatory care
9. Referral Process in Family Medicine
10. Record keeping in Family Medicine
11.Spirituality in Medicine
12. The Family in end of life care
13. Skill set for effective consultation
14. Coordination of patient care and advocacy
15. Medical certification and reports
16. Doctor-patient relationship in family care


FAM 522:  Management in Family Practice

Lecture Topics
1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2. Setting up a Family Practice in Nigeria
3. Principles and process of practice management
4. Personnel and material management in Family Practice
5. Financial management in Family Practice
6. Total Quality Management
7. Quality of health care
8. Team building and leadership in primary care


FAM 523:  Lifestyle Medicine

Lecture Topics
1. Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine
2. Fundamentals of Health Behavior Change
3. Key Clinical processes in Lifestyle Medicine
4. Nutrition science, Assessment and prescription
5. Physical Activity science and prescription
6. Sleep health
7. Tobacco and Alcohol cessation
8. Emotional Wellness



Learning and instructional methods include the following: Lectures, Seminars,

Tutorials, Clinical rotations in the Family Practice clinic and Self-learning.

Use of e-library and recommended internet Source.



The medical students have Continuous Assessment at the end of the posting

which is part of the Continuous Assessment for host department (Internal

Medicine). The final year examination is done by contribution of questions to the

Department of Internal Medicine.



S/N Names Status Qualifications url link to Google Scholar account
1 Dr. Vivien O. Abah Chief Hospital Consultant (CSGI)/

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

MBBS; FWACP-FM (2006) google Vivien Abah
2 Dr. Osahon Enabulele Chief Hospital Consultant (CSGI)/ Adjunct Senior Lecturer MBBS (March 1996), MHPM (2001) FWACP-FM (2007) google Enabulele
3 Dr. Ajokpaniovo J. Senior Consultant (SGII)/

Adjunct lecturer I

MBBS; NPMCN-Part 1  (Nov. 2008), FWACP-FM (2011) google Ajokpaniovo
4 Dr. Adewole Afolabi J. Senior Consultant (SGII)/ Adjunct lecturer I MBBS, FWACP-FM (2012), MSc (2019) google Afolabi
5 Dr. Obazee Osazee T. Hospital Consultant/ Adjunct lecturer I MBBS, FWACP-FM (2016) Google Osazee
6 Dr. Atsikidi L. Hospital Consultant/ Adjunct lecturer I MBBS, FMCFM (2016) google Leonard
7. Dr. Ojo Barry E Adjunct lecturer II MBBS; MWACP-FM google Barry