CHH 426: Essentials of Child Health Care (3 Credits)
Growth and development. Community aspects of child health. Basic perinatology. Principles of preventive paediatrics. Paediatric emergencies, accidents and poisoning. Haematology/oncology, infectious diseases, neurology and neuromuscular system, endocrinology and metabolism, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system, gastroenterology, skeletal connective tissue, skin and allied diseases. Human genetics.

CHH 427: Clinical Exposure in Child Health Care (5 Credits)
Electives exist in the various paediatric sub-specialties for which we have experts. This is meant for students wishing to strengthen their grasp of the discipline of child health care. Perinatal and neonatal medicine; neurology; gastroenterology; haematology /oncology; clinical genetics; general paediatric practice and nutrition are areas in which elective courses are available in the department. Only one of these disciplines may be chosen by the student. It will involve both laboratory and/or clinical investigations in the area of the student’s choice.

CHH 611: Sub-Specialty Paediatrics & Advanced Approach to Clinical Paediatrics (10 Credits)
Lectures and tutorials on selected topics in child health. More detailed and extensive coverage of specialized topics in neurology, ENT. Pulmonary paediatrics, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition, neonatology, haematology/oncology and dermatology. Advanced approach to clinical paediatrics is essentially designed to broaden the scope and increase the depth of knowl care problems will be emphasized with a view to providing the student with the skills that wi1ll enable him/her to practice child health care independently.