Course Structure

The discipline of Anatomic Pathology (Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology) is a specialization of Pathology that uses the knowledge of the mechanisms of disease to diagnose disorders based on the interpretation of gross and microscopic techniques in both the living and the dead. The Anatomic Pathology Department provides services for virtually all other specialists in a teaching hospital setting. Thus with the fundamental knowledge of medicine, they are able to interact and participate in patients’ management through clinicopathology and surgical pathology meetings.

Course Description

The course is to be given at 400 level, starting with IDP of 8 weeks duration and in two semesters.

1st Semester

Lectures – PATH (MAN) 301 (3 units)

Practical – PATH (MAN) 302 (3 units)

Tutorial – PATH (MAN) 303 (2 units)

PATH (MAN) 301: General Pathology

Introduction. The Pathology of the cell, aetiology of disease. Inflammation, Repairs. Degeneration. Cell death. Haernodynamics and vitamins/ nutrition disorders. Infectious disorders. Neoplasias. Immunology & immunopa-thology. Genetics/childhood disorders.

2nd Semester

Lectures – PATH (MAN) 401 (3 units)

Practical – PATH (MAN) 402 (4 units)

Tutorial – PATH (MAN) 403 (2 units)

Forensic – PATH (MAN) 403 (2 units)

PATH (MAN) 401: Systemic Pathology

Cardiovascular disorders. Respiratory system disorders. Digestive system disorders. Urogenital system disorders. Central nervous system a peripheral. Nerve disorders. Endocrine system disorders. Haematological disorders. Reticuloendothelial system including spleen disorders. Osseous system disorders. Skin disorders. Ageing disorders. Environmental/occupational.

Forensic Medicine/Pathology


The practicals and tutorials are given during the period of posting. Students learn the principles of the commonly used laboratory procedure in histopathology and cytology and as well be instructed in postmortem examination techniques including Coroner’s autopsy. Students are expected to take active part in contributing to the reaching of pathology within the clinical subjects. Attend a minimum of twenty autopsies, assist in five and write-up five. The practical in forensic medicine/pathology will include, apart from instruction in post-mortem examinations, clinical aspects of forensic medicine in general practice setting and medico-legal presentation of medical evidence in the courts.

Course No.       Credit       Short Course Description

Semester 2

MAN326  3       General Pathology  Anatomy

Semester 1

MAN415  2       Systemic Pathology Practical I

MAN416  5       Systemic Pathology Lectures I

Semester 2

MAN426  2       Pathology Practicals II

Semester I

MAN516  4       Systemic Pathology Lectures III

Semester 2

MAN522  2       Systemic Practicals III

MAN526  2       Systemic Pathology Lectures IV

&Forensic Medicine