The School of Medicine sets assessment, end of course, end of semester and com­prehensive examinations.

(i)         Assessment tests are held in every course at least once during each semes­ter, and at the discretion of the De­partment, the marks scored may form part of the end of course grade.

(ii)        End of semester examinations are held in 100 level courses and are conducted by the Faculty of Science. General Studies courses examinations are also held at the end of each semester.  The pass mark at 100 level courses shall be the same as in the Faculty of Science, the pass mark is currently 45%.

(iii)       All courses shall be examined as soon as possible after the courses are completed, and students will earn the number of credits assigned to the course(s) which they have passed. The marks scored shall contribute a percentage to the final grade in the subject as approved by the Board of Studies.

(iv)       Comprehensive Examinations are held in related courses as determined by the Board of Studies; the marks scored shall contribute a percentage to the final grade in the subject as approved by the Board of Studies.

(v)        All Examinations (excluding assessment tests) shall be conducted in a format as approved by the Board of Studies of the School of Medicine.

(vi)       Any factor, medical or otherwise, which in the opinion of a student may adversely affect his examination results should be brought to the attention of the Dean in writing before the examination. Any excuse presented after the examination will not be considered. Any candidate who absents himself/ herself from any examination without any cogent reason will be deemed to have failed such examination.

(vii)     Supplementary examinations are held as resit examinations on dates specified in the examination’s calendar of the School published yearly.

(viii)     In all examinations for 200 to 600 level courses, the pass mark shall be 50%. A student who makes an aggregate score of 70% or above in the comprehensive examination shall earn a pass with distinction in that particular subject if the student has maintained 60% and above in every section of the examination (theory, practical/clinical and orals). No distinction is awarded in a supplemental examination.

(ix)       Every student must pass the General Studies courses before he/she may be awarded the MBBS degrees.

(x)        All comprehensive Examinations as well as the 600 level course Examinations shall be moderated by external examiners.

(xi)       That any student who absents himself/herself from continuous assessment tests without a medical certificate should be deemed to have failed the particular test for which he/she would have been examined and assessed.