Work Load and Course Attendance

  • All courses as listed are core courses and must be passed to qualify for the degree. Every student is therefore normally required to attend all tuition programmes and must register a mini­mum of 70% attendance in order to qualify to sit for scheduled examina­tions. The student must be signed up by the Department to indicate his/her having satisfied this requirement, and any student who fails to meet this con­dition is considered to have failed the scheduled examination in the course(s).
  •  A student may be absent from sched­uled programmes:
  • if the student’s request is sup­ported by an approved medical certificate on grounds of illness of thestudent;
  • if permission has been granted in writing by a Head of Department in emergency, for not more than one day only; the office of the Dean must be informed immedi­ately or during the next working day;
  • if prior permission of the Dean has been obtained in writing.